DesignAgency تازه ترین ارائه Momofuku را در نیویورک انجام داده است


DesignAgency has collaborated with with Momofuku, to completed K?wi, their latest restaurant, located in Hudson Yards, New York. #RestaurantDesign #BarDesign



DesignAgency has collaborated with Momofuku, to completed Kāwi, their latest restaurant, located in Hudson Yards, New York

 A wood slat facade with hidden lighting helps this modern restaurant stand out. #RestaurantFacade



A rich palette of dark stained oak with satin brass, black metal, and textured glass detailing, greets patrons as they step inside the restaurant. #RestaurantDesign #RestaurantInterior



This modern restaurant's distinctive and massive structural joists divide the bar area from the main dining room. These angled columns& inspired the bar’s geometrical millwork and its triangular patterned wood trellis ceiling. #RestaurantDesign #ModernRestaurant #RestaurantInterior



The trellis’ alternating patterns of open and slatted triangular surfaces in this restaurant, help to conceal the acoustical and lighting systems, while also acting as a unifying element that draws guests into the heart of the interior. #RestaurantDesign #BarDesign #RestaurantCeiling

This modern restaurant features an open kitchen that's framed by a chef’s table, offering guests privileged views of food preparation. #RestaurantDesign #ModernRestaurant #OpenKitchen


For those who diners who desire more intimate encounters, this modern restaurant features booths lined with poppy-patterned wallpaper and red leather seating. #RestaurantDesign #ModernRestaurant #BoothSeating

Photography by Bob Gundu